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“Seeking truth is the key to discovering life’s greatest mysteries. However, we must not cling too tightly
to any truth, as there will always be more truth awaiting discovery.”
—Chantelle Renee


The cosmos creates cycles, offering us endless opportunities to stop and reflect, and to move more deeply into our spiritual selves. Butare we ready to break out of our old ways of seeing the world in order to seek truth—or do we want to stay locked in a reality in which we have accepted others’ limited notions as our own? Do we carry in our hearts a modern perception of reality—or are we grounded in the belief systems of our ancestors?

Are you ready to let go of your old ways and embrace a new reality? If this feels challenging for you, I invite you to soften your energy and remain open. Your soul chose this lifetime, after all, it’s just a matter of remembering that, and stepping out of the illusion you have been in. This can be a great challenge for many people as we can easily become lazy, content to live in the comfort of our borrowed beliefs. Breaking out of these outdated beliefs can be uncomfortable—but remember—through discomfort, we can discover a deeper truth of what it means to be alive, here and now, in the twenty-first millennium.

We are all seekers, here to create history, not to repeat it! We must take responsibility for our own spiritual transformation. We must let go of what we think we know and be present, in the here and now. No matter who we are, we all have something to contribute to humanity, something that can benefit our own forward movement something that can raise us up into a higher understanding of what it means to be alive. By becoming mentally and spiritually strong, by consciously living life, we can elevate the vibration of the planet.

Don’t you want to be a part of something bigger than you, something that is going to take this whole planet to the next level? If you do,
let go of the past, embrace the now—that is the way to our golden future! Our past is meant to guide us, not enslave us.
The time has come for us to empower each other, to go above and beyond the limitations that we have been conditioned by our
forbearers to accept. Many of us will be called to rise, but only those who are brave enough to change will rise.

We must choose consciously to transform ourselves. We must build bridges instead of walls, we must dissolve the illusion that we are separate from one another—and instead we must anchor ourselves in a new vibration. We must begin to live collectively, as a tribe, as a community. We each hold the keys to one another’s unfolding—mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. As we open our hearts and minds to one another, we discover that our true power lies within one another. We are a family—a global clan
of light workers.

The way we will change the future is through loving one another and through cultivating compassion for one another. Historically,
generation after generation, we have seen patterns of self-destruction. Hurt people hurt others. Disempowered people disempower others. This ends now—it ends with us. Now, to create history, we will meet each other in the depths of transparency, humility, and vulnerability.

We will meet each other with forgiveness, love, and compassion. As we begin to focus, together, on solutions instead of on the problems of the world, we will begin to transcend the old ways— the ways of duality, separateness, and division. The most powerful
solution to the world’s ills is to evolve our consciousness—not only individually, but collectively.

The more human beings on this planet who align to our sovereign, eternal nature, the more of us who embrace the reality that we came here to love—to experience, to expand, and to explore—the more our societies will transform, from the inside out. As each individual finds peace within themselves, they will in turn assist the collective to find its peace as well. Each newly-empowered human being will lead us closer to an empowered humanity.

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To rise together, we must understand and accept that all perspectives are valid in the eyes of creation. All of us serve as part of an evolutionary expansion of consciousness and of creation itself. We must step out of our egos and into our hearts, we must foster conversations that co-create real change through compassion.

Remaining open, truly listening to others is how we will create and rebuild our society. We must meet each other unconditionally, honoring our sameness, instead of fueling our perceived differences.

This is the evolutionary path of any species which seeks to thrive collectively. So, never stop planting seeds of love and truth, never stop seeking healing! A big misconception has kept us focused on the material world and not focused on the world we cannot perceive with our human senses. That misconception is that our physical reality is the highest reality. It is not—in fact, we abide in an endless sea of cosmic energy that manifests abundantly, in all directions, within multiple realities.

If we keep our hearts and minds open to the infinite possibilities available to us in our universe, without limiting our greatest
potentiality, we can reclaim our sacred majesty. To do this, we must learn to give and receive freely. We must step
out of ‘lack mentality’ and embrace the concept that this universe is abundant. Giving and receiving love freely creates the balance and
harmony for all of creation to thrive equally. Coming together in solidarity will create a brand new, collective reality with unbounded

So, as a society, as a family, we must work together, so that we may rise together. Our species’ very survival depends upon our ability to adapt, to change, and to empower ourselves. Together, we can co-create a world united in love, peace, and harmony.

“But how can we do this?” you might ask. “How? The world is in such dire circumstances. How can we turn it around?”
Starting now, question everything that you have been taught can’t be done. Banish the idea that anything is impossible. Everything
is possible! It’s time for each of us to reclaim our birthright—we are infinitely creative, the world is filled with unbounded possibilities,
and we must become dedicated to releasing the limitations that we have been conditioned to accept.

We must embrace the fact that we are one with the whole universe—we are immeasurable, vast, and powerful! We are one with our planet and our planet is one with us. Much of the chaos within the world stems directly from our disconnection to our higher self, source, and nature. Our life force has become fragmented.

We must heal ourselves; we must heal each other. We must become conscious parents, raising conscious children. We must break the generational patterns that have kept the human family from becoming fully who we are really meant to be. We have been gifted with a vision, the wonder of life, and the miracle of being one with all of creation.

As we begin to accept our inherent power, we step away from our shadows and into the light of creation. We must, each of us, walk through this life fearlessly, lovingly, with gratitude, remaining always in the present moment, with peace in our hearts.

By doing our own personal energetic and spiritual work, we are supporting humanity’s transformation, from the inside out. The
foundation of our future—true, lasting change—depends upon you and me. Your evolution is our revolution.

“By taking responsibility for your own spiritual awakening, you impact humanity’s awakening.”

—Chantelle Renee

This post is an excerpt from my best-selling book Aligning with the Divine 

Chantelle Renee

Chantelle Renee is a certified hypnotherapist CH, level 2 QHHT practitioner, Transformational life coach, sound healer, and best-selling author of Aligning with the Divine. She is a catalyst of spiritual awakening and deep personal healing, bringing a unique blend of healing techniques together that works on all levels of your being (Mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and energetically). Emerging as a leading expert in spiritual hypnotherapy, soul healing, and deep emotional healing. Helping people experience the higher dimensions of themselves, reaching wisdom, purpose, and deeper lessons about this life and other lives. Helping many bring peace into their lives in her office in Springfield Illinois and around the world through phone and Zoom sessions. In addition to working with individuals, she conducts workshops, seminars, and group healing experiences.