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“Our greatest teachers are the reflections we refuse to look at.”  Chantelle Renee

So, what is karma? Karma is the Law of Cause and Effect. The concept derives from the early Hindu text, the Rigveda. Karma is a fundamental doctrine of Buddhism and other ancient wisdom teachings. The doctrine of karma existed for fifteen hundred years before the birth of Christianity and we find reference to it in The Bible: “As a man soweth, so shall he reap” (Galatians 6:7-9). Karma can be thought of as “energy/consciousness in action.” The Law of Karma states, in essence, that every thought, word, feeling, action, and intention that you send out into the universe will return to you.

The Law of Karma is also called the Universal Law of Cause and Effect. Thus, every action (including our thoughts) has a reaction or consequence. We do indeed reap what we sow. So, choose your thoughts and your actions wisely—you are in constant conversation with the universe! Nothing in your life occurs by chance or by mistake—everything acts according to Universal Laws. The Law of Karma is exact. Whatever energy is sent out goes around, gathers momentum, and returns back to the sender either as positive or negative karma. Sometimes the return of karma is instantaneous but not always. Some of us are dealing with karma from yesterday, others of us are dealing with karma created lifetimes ago.

This Law of Cause and Effect is not punishment, but instead it brings us situations and circumstances that will produce lessons for the sake of the soul’s education. Awareness of your current and past life karma gives you great power, for as you take responsibility for your own actions, thoughts, and intentions, you can balance karma much faster. Focusing upon service to others can be a great karma balancer. One cannot serve with the intent of balancing one’s karma, however, one must serve from the heart, with integrity, with the intent of assisting others to reach their highest potential and to feel unconditional love.

Another way of balancing any negative karma we may have consciously or unconsciously created is through the path of initiation. Everyone is being initiated at all times in all moments—by our freely-made choices, we are constantly allowing source energy to work in tandem with us for our good—or we are resisting source energy.

When we resist, our past karma creates blockages in our auric field, tying up our light and energy, and affecting both our perception about life and our ability to manifest our desires and live the lives we are truly meant to live. Earth truly is the cosmic college for evolving souls—and karma is its greatest teacher.

Our souls must balance, transmute, and integrate all karmic lessons—that is life’s ultimate test. But who is giving our souls these tests? Sometimes it is our Higher Self, compelling us to deal with situations we have been neglecting or trying to avoid. At other times, it is an Ascended Master providing lessons our souls are ready to learn.

The master’s purpose is to test and strengthen our soul and to help us learn to be virtuous in all our dealings. It is important to remember, however, that we are never given more than we can handle and that the purpose of any test is to help us make progress on our spiritual path, and to help us to heal.

Spiritual growth and healing go hand in hand. Many of the initiations we receive have to do with balancing karma, with improving our well-being on a psychological level, as well as with healing our inner child (soul). Most of us are carrying around emotional baggage—not just from this lifetime but also from previous lifetimes. It is no good trying to avoid your karma or to blame others for any life challenge you face or any predicament you may find yourself in. Playing the victim role does not serve you.

You came to live in this physical world in order to balance and master your karma, and to expand your soul. So, embrace every problem that comes your way and handle it sincerely and with love. Confidently bring forth your best thoughts and intentions around finding a solution. Hold a non-judgmental attitude and be willing to discern what is really important to your spiritual growth and what is not. Become the observer of your life, and always observe without judging. Remember too, always extend forgiveness to yourself and to others in every difficult situation. This is the path to balancing your karma, expanding your soul, and transcending the human condition.

Releasing Karmic Bonds

Karma pushes and pulls us until we transcend it; it continuously creates new opportunities for us to master each of our lessons. Its energy is a catalyst, prompting us to become more present and aware. If we view our karmic lessons as blessings, they can motivate us to extend forgiveness instead of blame, to practice kindness rather than cruelty, and to cultivate compassion in the face of aggression. Our karmic blessings—if we can accept and resolve them—can impel us to surrender to spirit with gratitude, thereby reclaiming our spiritual gifts and reuniting with spirit.

If you are ready to resolve your karma and to step forward onto the path of self-empowerment, I invite you to speak your power into existence. Here is an affirmation you can use—or, you can create your own.

I choose to release my karma, to evolve past my limitations, and to forgive all who have trespassed against me. I choose love and faith over fear and hate. I am ready to participate in co-creating heaven on earth. I take full responsibility for the energy I give as well as the energy I receive. I am loved unconditionally, and I love others unconditionally. I choose to break the chains that have kept me in the energetic tide of resistance. I am free to expand. I am ready! I am the master of my own reality!

Chantelle Renee

Chantelle Renee is a certified hypnotherapist CH, level 2 QHHT practitioner, Transformational life coach, sound healer, and best-selling author of Aligning with the Divine. She is a catalyst of spiritual awakening and deep personal healing, bringing a unique blend of healing techniques together that works on all levels of your being (Mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and energetically). Emerging as a leading expert in spiritual hypnotherapy, soul healing, and deep emotional healing. Helping people experience the higher dimensions of themselves, reaching wisdom, purpose, and deeper lessons about this life and other lives. Helping many bring peace into their lives in her office in Springfield Illinois and around the world through phone and Zoom sessions. In addition to working with individuals, she conducts workshops, seminars, and group healing experiences.