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Everything changes when you start to emit your own frequency rather than absorbing the frequencies around you, when you start imprinting your intent on the universe rather than receiving an imprint from existence.” —Barbara Marciniak


There is an unlimited, unbound well of Divine Source energy that surrounds us at all times. As spiritual beings living in the material world, sometimes we can misunderstand and or misdirect our energetic power. Physical-world challenges, such as unconscious emotional blocks, can lead us away from our spiritual path and keep our energies focused on physical-plane issues. Ideally, our mission here is to master our thoughts, energy, and emotions, and to reach full alignment with our souls and with creation itself. By being mindful of the energy we are receiving from others—as well as the energy we are projecting out towards others—we can become energy-aware.

This awareness is key—both to walking a path of mastery and to living a life of peace and harmony. When we are babies, we are like little “love magnets.” We attract love easily, and we give love without restriction. Before we are incarnated, we are Divine love and Divine light, untarnished by outside influences, but as we grow up, every hurtful comment or negative emotion that comes our way chips away at us. Those shards of hurt sit in our energy fields—and we tuck them away in our subconscious minds. As this pile of fragments grows, it nourishes itself by attracting more of the same emotions. Thus, over time and experience, we amass a collection of negative experiences in our auras, and we accumulate negative energies in our subconscious minds. Though it lives outside of our conscious awareness, the pain, hate, hurt, and other ‘lower vibration’ emotions we experience over our lifetimes continue to affect all areas of our lives unconsciously.

Many of us don’t want to feel these lower vibration emotions; they remind us of the love we lack. So, we push them away, we don’t deal with them. But it is imperative that we do not deny these emotions, instead we must address them as they arise, we must be present with them. It’s far less painful to address these emotions in the moment than it is to allow them to collect more negative energy that is sure to cause chaos in your life. Remember, negative energies are here to guide us—not enslave us. But we can only learn from them if we embrace them. Sadly, not only do most of us not deal with our accumulation of unconscious emotions, we let them rule us—and weaken us. Like vampires, they pull our life force energy from us and use it to motivate us in ways that we may not even be aware of.

We allow them to foster emotional conflicts between us and others, and then we allow them to draw in others’ energies to shore up even more negative-energy resources. It is as if our unconscious emotions take on a life of their own! Over our lifetimes, we develop so many blocks and piles of hurt and pain, and we suppress our sense of higher awareness so often that we do not even realize that these unconscious blocks of pain are hurting us—and everyone around us. Because we crave energy to heal ourselves, and because the energy our vampires draw to us serves us, ‘borrowing’ others’ energies soon becomes a habit. We become dependent upon the attention and kindness of others to keep ourselves motivated and inspired. But it does not need to be this way. If you look around you, you will realize that your world is replete with energy vampires. And you will realize that you too can sometimes be an energy vampire. In our relationships—with friends, family, colleagues, co-workers, bosses, teachers, lovers, perfect strangers—we pull energy from others. Others also pull energy from us. But with awareness, we can start to fill ourselves from the inside out, expanding our own inner energy, instead of stealing and depleting others’ energy. When we become strong in ourselves, we can stabilize our energy field and stop others from draining our energy. But this only becomes possible when we become aware of the negative energy blockages we have developed over our lifetimes, and when we heal and transcend them.

Once we have done this, we can embrace a new method of being in the world—vibrant and energetically whole, we can begin to relate to the world around us with the same love and compassion we had when we were innocent children. But tapping into this new way of being in the world can be challenging. We have, by and large, all been raised in a spiritually misguided society—instead of filling ourselves from the inside out, we have been taught to seek outside ourselves for our power. This can leave us fragmented, anchored in a lower vibration, and feeling dis-empowered physically and emotionally. We must take responsibly for our own well-being and stop taking our power from others— and handing our power over to others.

This new way of being may be difficult but it is necessary—creating your own reality without getting lost in others’ frequencies is the path to self-mastery. Once we begin to master our own energy and overcome our own vampirism, we have to heal our energy systems. In order to take control of your own energy, you must be conscious of how your energy becomes dissipated. First and foremost, become aware of those others in your environment who may be feeding on your energy—the so-called ‘energy vampires.’ As noted, they use the light and energy of others to strengthen their own depleted energetic systems. Their efforts are usually unsystematic, random—they’ll draw energy from anyone at any time. Energy vampires are usually spiritually immature. Their intentions are most often not malevolent; they pull energy from others simply because they do not realize that they have the same well of abundance to tap into as their victims do. Energy vampires are not aware that they are actually seeking their own free-flowing energy from their own soul, their own universal connection. If they were able to tap into the energy of their soul, they would be in a state of full awareness and empowerment, open to receive Divine energy freely and abundantly. Instead, like parasites, they feed on others’ energy, they crave attention. Because they long for love and affection, but do not know how to fill themselves up with the love within themselves, they anchor their ‘needy cords’ into your auric field and slowly suck your life force away.

Energy vampires are especially attracted by lower-vibrational human emotions, which activate their need to feed on others’ energies. Jealousy, for example, is misdirected admiration and feeling jealous keeps a person in a state of lack and resistance, seeking outwardly for their security, unaware and unable to realize that what they are looking for is within themselves. So—be cautious—when energy vampires seek your attention or your emotional reaction, check in with yourself. Are you feeling strong and positive? Or, are you putting out a lower-emotion vibration, giving an energy vampire the negative energy he or she wants? Are you feeding the energy vampires in your life? You’ll know you’re feeding an energy vampire when you become energetically exhausted—it can feel at times like you are walking through life in quicksand, in a constant state of resistance. To support your own expansion and spiritual strength, it’s important when you find yourself in this compromised state to look within. Right now, what are you thinking, projecting, and receiving?

We attract energy vampires into our lives as reflections of ourselves. They help us to realize that what we think about and whom we surround ourselves with greatly influences our energy field and our intrinsic energetic power. So, try to become less reactive to energy vampires’ actions—be proactive. Keep your own energy in alignment by responding to energy vampires instead of reacting to them. In other words, when you spot an energy vampire, instead of feeling that they are robbing you of energy, see the gift they are offering you. They are asking you—consciously or unconsciously— to listen to your emotions, and to tap into the parts of you that need healing. When you tap into your own soul, you can release energetic blocks caused by past trauma, pain, or loss. Once you have learned the lessons that are the inherent gifts in these blockages—and thereby become more in tune with your soul—you’ll become empowered and energy vampires will no longer be able to draw on your energy.
However, there is a note of caution here. As you go through this purification process, as you allow more of your soul’s light to enter your physical body, be aware that you can begin to attract many “moths to your flame.” Your efforts to align your energetic field can be very attractive to lower vibrational beings.

When you are shining brightly, you can cast light upon the shadows within others and can cause their shadow-selves to surface. They can become irritated and moody just by your presence—this is because the light you project is calling their shadows forth. So, while you may no longer be giving your energy away to energy vampires, you may still be attracting energy freeloaders who seek to bask in your light. Many empaths, light workers, and sensitives are subject to this kind of energy exchange. They can be extremely sensitive to others’ feelings and can even start to absorb them as their own. So, caution is the watchword—if you feel depleted energetically, do not succumb to energy-freeloaders, and do not blame your energy depletion on others. Instead, become aware that regulating your energy output is entirely your responsibility. After all, we are here to master energy— not to let energy master us! By pulling ourselves back into alignment and observing ourselves from a spiritual perceptive (being a fly on the wall, so to speak), we can gain conscious awareness of our thoughts and emotions. We can become an observer, instead of blaming others for our emotional health and well-being. As we do this more and more, we will strengthen our energy bodies and learn to regulate our energy productively. As we strengthen our energetic bodies, it becomes easier—even second nature—to remain in a state of allowing, whereby pure source energy can flow through us. This is not easy, but just as we must go to the gym to burn off extra calories and to strengthen our physical bodies; we must exercise our energetic bodies.

Similarly, we need to strengthen our mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies for our spiritual health. Again, this can be difficult, but with practice it becomes easier to avoid getting pulled into others’ dramas. Learning to tune into how others’ energies make us feel assists us in becoming stronger. We must develop our energy shield so we do not attract vampires, freeloaders, and parasites. We can be with these types of people without losing our self-awareness. Through the practice of energy mindfulness, we can tap into our own abundant, free-flowing power and maintain our personal alignment. When we consciously begin to master our own energy awareness, we simultaneously evolve our souls. But as we do this work, as we live our daily lives, and as we attain a more heightened state of consciousness, we will continue to be tested. Just remember that when we feel uncomfortable, pressured, or challenged, this is a sign that an opportunity for growth is available to us. When we take time, when we open our hearts and minds, and when we set the intention to transcend any vibration that does not serve us, growth and expansion results.

We will have many ups and downs, yet we can always pull ourselves back into alignment if we are ever-mindful of the energy we are receiving and projecting. Remember—as we have already noted, it takes the same amount of energy to make ourselves happy and strong as it does to make ourselves miserable and weak. The Law of Attraction only responds to what we are offering as a vibration. So, are you ready to get started? Below are some simple questions to ask yourself and some easy steps to help you tune into your energy body and attain energetic mastery. You’ll need your journal and some quiet time to get the most benefit out of doing this exercise. Go ahead—it’s time to jump into partnership with your energy field!

10 Ways to Master Energy Vampires

When we become energetically exhausted, that’s a sign that it’s time to take care of our emotional and energetic states. Don’t judge these moments as “good” or “bad,” just recognize them as little reminders to pay attention to your thoughts and feelings. No one can do this for you, it’s your responsibility to take care, take action, and regain your power!

  1. Meditate – Engaging in a daily meditation practice is the fastest way to pull more cosmic energy into your body and to gain clarity in any situation.
  2. Become conscious – Being mindful of what you are thinking about throughout the day is a really powerful practice. Remember, what you focus on grows. Carry a journal with you and write your thoughts down—after a while you’ll find yourself taking control of your thoughts. Instead of being influenced by your thoughts, you will be motivated by what you choose to think—on purpose!
  3. Smudge – Using sacred sage, doing a smudging ceremony can assist you in releasing energetic cords or amplified emotional blocks that may be hindering your forward progress.
  4. Call on Your Angels – Ask your angels, out loud, to assist you in removing any energetic blocks that prevent source energy from flowing freely, right now. Remember, angels can only intervene when they are asked to do so, so speak your request out loud, and be specific!
  5. Walk in Nature – As often as you can, step away from your environment and culture and take a walk in nature. Get quiet and let the earth and the cosmos balance you on all levels—physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.
  6. Take Alone Time – When you step away from situations and people that are evoking confusion or stirring up negative feelings for you, you can easily find clarity about what is actually going on.
  7. Be grateful – When you focus on gratitude, your vibration is lifted.
  8. Forgive – When you extend forgiveness to others for the harm they have caused you, you clear energetic blockages of unresolved emotions and free yourself. Remember, forgiveness is for you.
  9. Protect Yourself – Claim your energetic space! When you are out in the world, put an energetic shield around yourself by imagining that you are surrounded by a blue translucent bubble of light. As you create this light shield, confidently declare that only positive, loving energy can enter your personal space.
  10. Be accountable – When you take full responsibility for your own energy management, when you create boundaries between yourself and others, and when you decide to love yourself first, you empower yourself and your life begins to change—for the better, forever.


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