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Ascension is the ritual of the soul as it begins intentionally raising their vibration until their cells are filled with light. Transforming our bodies from a carbon base to a crystalline base. In order to do this we must be willing to do the work, it does not just happen.

We must master our thoughts, words, emotions, actions; intentions are of the purest highest intent for all, with the foundation of love, integrity, grace. As you radiate and illuminate at a higher level of being you live in joy bliss and new found internal heights, we experience our inherent oneness to all that is.

You feel the connection to everything and experience it as you apart of the all. Your inner world is rich with childlike innocence and excitement. Your view on the outer world has shifted just as your inner world has shifted into new heights of awareness, you see through a cosmic lens.

As we are ascending and falling away from the worldly distractions that has kept our souls anchored in the dogma and dramas, we begin acting form a space of unconditional presence. When one has begun to fall away from the illusion of our separateness, we start to dissolve from our limitlessness and expand into our greatness, as a part of the divine oneness of all that is.

The act of intentionally trying to connect to the divine pulls you on your way to your most high alignment. Like a moth to the flame of where you came. Inviting, allowing and embracing your power as an eternal child of light. You have now entered into the most profound insight as one begins to ignite their sacred light. Transformation is your birthright.

All souls of all faiths are welcome, you do not need to be a part of any race or religion as this is your divine birthright; everyone has been granted the gift of ascension if they choose the path of mastering the carnal mind, the human ego personality and is actively working to bring forth their purest form of divine illumination leaving the worldly distractions behind in exchange for oneness and freedom from the illusion of separation, mastership of the most high.

Do not worry, you will remain in your form as you are and you will not leave your family and friends. However, you will radiate at a faster vibration and you will carry a peaceful glow that will be very attractive to many. You will inspire others by the energy you carry, one of love, joy and wisdom.
Ascension is when we we are in a state of full awareness of our true divine nature, we are bringing heaven to earth.

This does not mean that we will no longer experience the high tides of life as well as the low ones, we are in a place of least resistance and can surf the tides with more ease. Peace is a state of consciousness where polarity and duality can reside in harmony, as we have transcended into a place of comfort of being with one with all that is without the resistance of judgment right or wrong good or bad.

We create our own personal heaven on earth as our inner world is filled with spiritual wealth of oneness, unconditional love, loss of the fear of death. As you open up your heart and being to the divine you create a relaxed inflow of pure source loving energy that will feed you in ways you have not felt before. You will not be as focus on your own personal needs as you will naturally have the innate desire to serve others and the ALL that Is. We must learn the balance of serving as well as feeding.

Qualities of an ascending being.

  • Living with truth and Integrity – when you speak your truth and are honest with no hidden agenda you are in divine alignment.
    Living in joy – finding the joy in the mundane, joy in others, joy in all areas of life. Your energies are open to the light.
  • Being a blessing~ extending compassion, understanding to all who have hurt you can receive it as a lesson with gratitude and find peace and bless those who are not aware of their actions as they are not wakened to their power of free will.
  • Living with an open heart and mind ~ embracing all polarities and duality’s as aspects of discovery. Remaining open to all perspectives without resistance.
    When you are grounded in gratitude~ when gratitude is given your vibration is lifted. Gratitude is a state of prayer to the divine for the gift of life and it attracts more into your life to be grateful for.
  • Unconditional acceptance, welcoming others and embracing them just as they are without trying to change them, is the greatest respect we can give to another soul on their journey.

At one point in human history we were not able to ascend and remain in our physical bodies. As mother earth is going through her own transition into a higher vibration we are gifted the opportunity to rise with her. This is such a profound time in our history that we can collectively evolve our consciousness bringing heaven to earth! Not everyone will be a part of this ascension, those who are ready will be called and begin bring forth their most beautiful illumination of their soul. It is a scared journey unique to your souls path, one that many in your life may not resonate with at this time in their journey. It is important to not to push anything onto others and remain in your own divine alignment. You will naturally assist them by your presence of peace and unconditional acceptance. When we push our thoughts beliefs and emotion upon others we are creating an energetic resistance.

I’ll be using this blog to interact with you about Aligning with the Divine, expanding on some of the topics in it and blogging on some of the ideas related to my book as well as other conscious content that will serve you on your spiritual journey. This is a great place for you to get to know me, and I’m looking forward to getting to know you too.


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  • Martha says:

    Beautiful massage🌈🐬🦋🌎
    I’m totally alligned with every word you say!!!
    Thank you🙏🙏🙏
    It’s already happening, we truly are ascending with Mother Earth.
    Heaven is in our hearts, and as more of us sinchronize with this reality, it becomes easier for other people to do it as well.
    I tried to subscribe to your news letter, but for some reason the system didm’t allot me
    With Love 💕💕💕💕
    Martha estrada

    • Chantelle Renee says:

      Hi Martha! Thank you for your kind words, we are living in incredible times of transformation! I agree heaven is in our hearts, much love to you sister! I have corrected the link and if you would like to subscribe you can now
      With Love & Gratitude

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