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Many people are going through a purification process of purging limiting beliefs, bringing their shadows to light and working diligently to come into their own personal alignment to Source/Creator/God whatever you choose to call All That Is.

We can go down a rabbit hole so to speak, as we begin diving inward and falling away from the illusions of worldly distractions. We can feel a deep sense of pressure to arrive somewhere or to become a perfect version of our self, I feel that this can be a sneaky trap that fuels our ego. It is not a race to become enlightened, it’s the journey of remembering that you already are.

A rose starts out as a seed and moment by moment it unfolds and expands layer by layer taking in the light and grounds itself into the earth, the darkness of the soil is rich with nutrients that offer the rose to bloom and unfold. The soul is similar as it expands and opens as we invite the light and embrace our darkness. There are teachings/nutrition within the darkness just as there is within the light. Bringing the two into harmony allows our souls to expand and unfold into its most unique divine expression with least resistance.

We cannot rush our healing or spiritual expansion, it is a natural unfolding. A rose does not think, I need to hurry up and bloom, it is just BEING a rose sharing its divine expression with all who are open to receive its beauty and blossoms into its full potential in perfect divine time, they do not rush their destiny.

BEING gentle with yourself on your journey is essential, like a rose petal they are delicate and can bruise easily, just as an open unguarded heart can. They have thorns protect their development, just as we have self-love and integrity for those who do not appreciate or nurture our development. Be present within your unfolding, it’s truly a miraculous gift you have been gifted to explore the shores of self-discovery and to rediscover your Majesty.

Peace can be found in the present moment, this is where we heal, exist, transcend as well as create. As we learn to not need to know how everything will unfold, it creates a clear channel of communication with the Divine. Enjoy right now, that’s truly all we have, relax and just breath. Yesterday has already happened and tomorrow is not promised. If you are in the present moment, you are right where you should be. You are doing tremendous inner work, you are brave indeed and stronger than you know. Hold the vision and trust the process, you are guided by the most-high, transformation is your birthright.

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