My life mission is to help you find physical, mental and emotional balance, cultivate self-love, and achieve self-mastery.

I am here to be a catalyst for your personal development so you can tap into the magic and wonder of becoming who you were born to be.

With a combination of coaching, sound healing, meditation, emotional release and balance techniques, chakra balancing, and reprogramming limiting beliefs in the subconscious with hypnosis and eft, I’ll be your guide to overcome your deepest struggles.

I will guide you through a profound journey of self-discovery and self-healing that will support you in embodying your greatest version of self.

You will experience your vibration increasing, your consciousness expanding and overall sense of wellbeing and inner peace. This journey is for all souls of all faiths who are ready to fully step into their power as a conscious creator of their life.

After years of working with clients, I’ve developed specific programs that follow a unique approach combining the benefits hypnotherapy energy healing, spirituality, transformational coaching, and sound alchemy because they work together effectively and efficiently.

Who is this journey for?

  • Souls wanting to heal their past trauma
  • Souls looking to connect with their higher self and lead a more heart-centered conscious lifestyle
  • Those experiencing a spiritual awakening and ascension
  • Those wanting to raise their vibrations and live an empower, inspired and enlightened life.
  • Souls wanting to break toxic and ancestral patterns
  • Those wanting to become more in tune with their intuition
  • Those who are truly ready to surrender

What comes with this journey

6 Month Package 

  • 10 Bi-Monthly – Soul aligning sessions customized to you and your goals.
  • 1 45-minute sound alchemy bath
  • 2 45minute mentoring sessions – These can be done via zoom, phone, messenger or in the office.
  • Email and text support
  • Custom downloadable hypnosis sessions and meditations.
  • A hardcover copy of Aligning with the Divine
  • Priority on booking dates and times

Due to the volume of clients and creating balance within my practice, I only offer these journeys to a select few at a time. To apply please schedule a consultation with me.

The inner alchemy sessions are built upon these core principles. By merging science and spirituality as a united force for healing, you can have rapid transformation from the inside out.

Energy Awareness – Energy purification
I will assist you in opening and clearing your connection into higher realms for more remembering and awareness. Working in tandem with the Holy spirit, the God of your own heart, you will experience a quantum clearing and healing that raises your vibration. A session will help you to transcend to a higher evolutionary existence and lay the foundation for the rest of your journey into soul empowerment/embodiment.

Inner child
Inner child healing, or inner child work, is an essential part of inner work, the psycho-therapeutic or spiritual process of changing yourself to become the person you know you can be.

The inner child is the part of our personality that reflects the child we once were. It’s the script we learned at a young age & internalized on how to deal with emotions, problems, relationships, etc.

While we exist as adults, our inner child is still inside of us, and it is often that part of our personality that responds to challenges. This means if your 8-year-old self was wounded or traumatized, though you are an adult now, it is that 8-year-old self who responds to similar conflicts in your life because that wound hasn’t healed.

Forgiveness allows you to transcend the pain and anger you hold about your wounds. You cannot change the past, and forgiveness instantly clears the blockages that are stopping you from moving forward. Forgiveness is a primary part of the process of learning how to give unconditional love as well as to receive it.

Forgiveness opens your heart so that love can flow freely from you and to you—and when love is flowing to you and from you, magic happens—and dreams come true. Forgiveness is truly the path of transcendence.

Emotional Intelligence
Emotional intelligence refers to the ability to identify and manage one’s own emotions, as well as the emotions of others. Emotional intelligence is generally said to include a few skills: namely emotional awareness, or the ability to identify and name one’s own emotions; the ability to harness those emotions and apply them to tasks like thinking and problem solving; and the ability to manage emotions, which includes both regulating one’s own emotions when necessary and helping others to do the same.

Learning to create with your emotions is a potent way to regain power over your life. Becoming aware of and attuned to your emotional state will serve you well as you move forward on your on your path of self-discovery and self-mastery.

Past life regression therapy session

Past Life Regression is a multidimensional approach, which enables us to go to the root cause of a problem and brings about deep and lasting change. It works simultaneously on Mind, Body, Emotions and Spirit. The unconscious emotions and experiences that we carry in our psyche creates unwanted patterns in our lives.

Past life regression therapy allows people to access a part of themselves that holds all the answers. Some people call this the Higher Self, the Over Soul, the Super Conscious. With a past life regression clients can have a much clearer understanding of why things are the way they are — and to ultimately create change within themselves.

Self-love and Self-acceptance
Self-love is the foundation for inner peace. By embracing our imperfections as gifts for reflection and self–transformation, however, we can empower ourselves to transmute negative, harmful energy into positive, purposeful energy. Like the alchemists of ancient times, we can transform the lead of our faults and failings into the gold of self-empowerment and self-love.

Once we become unconditionally loving, we release resistance. The foundation for self-mastery is to truly love yourself deeply, so that you can give and receive love freely. It is so freeing to love yourself deeply, to transcend your insecurities and to let go of all that no longer supports you.

Conscious Creation- Manifesting
This session is a powerful opportunity to put your dreams and goals into motion leading to the physical manifestation of them. When we are living in love, we are resonating with higher frequencies, and this is how we raise our consciousness and become like a human magnet attracting from thoughts feelings and intentions consciously. Everything changes when we start emitting our intention into the universe instead of receiving an imprint from existence.

Shamanic journey
A shamanic journey is a trance like meditation, using sound. The continuing and variety of sounds are used to help you achieve a trance like state, in order to process or heal, whatever it is that you need to move through. It is also a great way to find clarity for questions that may be coming up in your current life.

Shamanism connects us with the creation that gave birth to our existence and brings us back in harmony with the core elements that assist us to experience this thing we call “life.”

Shamanic work is about the pulse…the vibration and frequency that exists in our breathe and in the life force of the Mother Earth. It helps us to harness the cosmic energies that we gain through meditation and the cosmic connection that will ultimately help us to embody higher dimensional energy in the body, in our intentions and in the Spirit.

Energy Mastery through the Chakras
You can imagine each of the seven major chakras as a funnel-shaped, whirling mass of energy, in which a mild suction operates (like a whirlpool), drawing universal energy down into the physical plane and into the body. In the chakra system, each vortex contains (among other energetic patterns) programmed or imprinted energy that governs our experience.

We draw to ourselves the energy that we vibrate in harmony with—and that’s all the more reason to get our energy systems balanced so that we can create a lighter, happier experience here on the physical plane! Having a healthy chakra system is key to living a successful, abundant life.

Sound Healing
A sound healing journey is an immersion in sound waves. This ancient energy medicine is based on the principle that everything vibrates with a precise frequency, from the stars to every cell of the human body.

Sound baths are a deeply meditative experience that relaxes the body, clears the subconscious, calms the mind, and activates your body’s healing on a cellular level. It’s a journey of self-discovery and inner exploration, one that promotes peace and expansion of consciousness.

I have an expanding wide collection of high-quality sound healing vibrational instruments. You can expect a very relaxing, immersive experience that bypasses mental noise, creating a clear moment to reconnect to yourself and replenish your soul.

Sound Therapy is a deeply relaxing and harmonizing experience, recommended for many types of physical ailments and emotional or psychological issues.

“You’re far more powerful than you may have been

led to believe. It is time to remember your greatness

as a powerful, eternal being—a creator, a direct

reflection of All That Is And Ever Has Been. It is

time to stand confidently in your power.”

—Chantelle Renee


Chantelle Renee is Certified Hypnotherapist CH, Intuitive Empath, Sound alchemist, spiritual guide and Best-Selling Author of Aligning with the Divine. She is a catalyst of spiritual awakening and deep personal healing, bringing a unique blend of healing techniques together that work on all levels of your being (Mentally, emotionally, spiritually and energetically).

Emerging as a leading expert in spiritual hypnotherapy, soul healing, and deep emotional healing. Helping people experience the higher dimensions of themselves, reaching wisdom, purpose and deeper lessons about this life and other lives.

Helping many bring peace into their lives in her office at the Golden Heart Hypnosis Center and around the world through phone and Zoom sessions. In addition to working with individuals, she conducts workshops, seminars, and group healing experiences.

Hypnotherapy is one of the fastest ways to change thoughts, behaviors and feelings.  Hypnosis gives access to the unconscious mind, thus allowing one to spend less time in therapy, saving money and giving you the chance to get on with and enjoy your life.  Whether it’s hypnosis for anxiety, fears, confidence or feeling stuck, I can help you get unstuck, break patterns and relieve stress.

Are you experiencing anxiety that is making it difficult to fully enjoy life?  Are you faced with a decision or situation you need clarity on?  Or maybe you’ve just hit a block and need to break through.  Is your life filled with too much busyness and not enough mindfulness?  Are you having trouble sleeping?  Do you feel ashamed, guilty, or fearful and don’t know how to be free of it?

Imagine for a moment what your life would be like if you had at your disposal the tools necessary to construct the life you are truly grateful for. What would it be like to wake up in the morning and look forward to the possibilities that awaited you? What would it be like to wake up and know you’re enough?

What would it be like to experience transformational from the inside out.